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I’ve been building up to this point for a long time. I’ve wanted to write books since I was in high school. It was hard to imagine it becoming a reality though. I almost never saw protagonists that I could fully relate to. I definitely never saw LGBTQIA characters leading the stories in my favorite genre until fairly recently. It still feels like a rarity to see gay main characters in any genre let alone in urban fantasy books. My goal is to change that as much as I can. I’m so happy to have written a Novel and a Novella with LGBTQIA leads. Moon Witch Taken and Moon Witch Lost are only the beginning though. I am working on another story in that world with two more to come after that. If you’re like me and you’ve been craving more gay main characters in your urban fantasy stories I hope you’ll check these ones out. Moon Witch Taken and Moon Witch Lost are on sale through Amazon, B&N, Apple Books, and Kobo. Going forward on this blog, my goal is to give updates about the stories I’m working on, share things I’m learning as I work on getting these stories published, and talk about things that excite and inspire me in this new phase of my life.
Until next time happy reading and writing everyone!

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