My Social Media Plan.

Earlier this month I started trying to figure out a social media plan. Honestly I’ve never had much drive to master how to get social media famous. The more I’ve thought about it the more certain I was that I needed a schedule for posting if I’m really gonna get into it. I thrive more with a routine than with spontaneity. So I’ve come up with some categories to focus on to make sure I’m posting regularly.

On Mondays I’m gonna be posting songs, albums, and playlists that my characters like. I’ll probably work in songs that inspire new scenes for me and might even post those scenes along with the music.

Tuesdays I’m planning to post two pages of original content. By my calculations, two pages in most word processors come to 1350 words on average. If you write just two pages a week for a whole year you end up with around 70,200 words. That’s a pretty good length first draft to start from. The story I’m going to posting will be set in the same world as Moon Witch Taken and Moon Witch Lost but it will focus on a new protagonist. It will also be set earlier in the world’s history, starting at the time when the mundane world learned magic is real.

Word Count Wednesday is going to be exactly what it sounds like. I’ll be posting a weekly word count to keep myself motivated. I’ve started a Facebook group called Page Positivity. The idea behind it is that writers can post however much writing they got done that day and get praised for it. If you’re a writer looking for accountability and encouragement please feel free to join. We can push each other with positive reinforcement.

I would love for this to become a discussion day, but it will probably just start with me rambling about writing. We’ll see what comes of it.

I fancy myself a multimedia artist. While I love writing and will keep doing forever, I also get a lot of joy out of creating other forms of art. My goal will be to post a new piece of art I made every week. It might not all be “fine art” as the hashtag says. I love to craft too but whatever I create that week will be showing up on Friday’s posts.

I’m sure you can guess what #Caturday is gonna focus on. That’s write it’s all about them cats. Photos, videos, and stories all starring the cats in my life.

I follow someone on tumblr who uses this hashtag, Shelfie Sunday, a lot and I love it. I’m gonna post pictures of my bookshelves and pretty books in general.

All these events kick off tomorrow, Feb 1st. I’m pretty excited about it. If you end up doing your own version of any of these hashtags tell me about it 😊 I’d very much enjoy content in any of these themes.

That’s it for me tonight. Wish me luck with this new social media scheduling stuff. Good night y’all.

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