Fine Art Friday Week One

Hey Fans, Friends, and Fellows,

I’ve been challenging myself to make more art. Some of that art will be linked to my books and some of it won’t. Not all of it will really be “fine art.” Some of it will just be “fine” art. Honestly a lot of it won’t live up to the lofty expectations that Fine Art Friday implies, but it’s a pretty catchy name so I’m taking creative license with these posts. Today I’m sharing something inspired by the bar in my novella Moon Witch Lost. If you’ve read it you might remember that I described The Realm’s sign as a rainbow with a fairy riding it. I decided do a mock up of what the employee shirts would look like based off the sign’s description.

I ended up liking it enough to post the design on my threadless artist shop. (Yes this is a shameless attempt to cash in on my art, disguised as a way for super fans to get closer to the world of my books.) I hope you all get a smile out of it.

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