Thought-Provoking Thursday Week Two

Hey Fans, Friends, and Fellows,

I recently found out about this great website for editing called Hemingway App. It’s apparently been around for a while but somehow it went under the radar for me till now. If you’ve never heard of it, it is a site that analyzes your writing and points out spelling and grammar mistakes. It also finds passive voice in your prose, which is a particularly big problem for me. I don’t think that it can replace a human editor but it could certainly help you along if you can’t afford to send multiple drafts to an editor. The best part is that it is free! It’s got me wondering though what other cool tools for writers have I been missing? If you have a writing tool that you love tell me about it in the comments.

Writing Prompt: Write about a piece about some technology/innovation that your character keeps for nostalgic reasons despite more advanced tech being more available.

2 thoughts on “Thought-Provoking Thursday Week Two

  1. I haven’t tried Hemmingway, but I just recently started using Trello. It’s kind of an index card/post-it note replacement on my phone. I’d heard of some other authors using it to track projects and generally keep ideas organized. I usually have a lot of different projects going air once, so it’s nice to see it all in one organized place!

    1. A friend of mine uses Trello and enjoyed it too. I use an app called Todoist which has a similar feature. The index card feature can be really helpful to keep plot points clear.

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