Fine Art Friday Week Three

Hey Fans, Friends, and Fellows,

I have a couple of friends who are big-time RuPaul Drag Race fans. I don’t share their level of enthusiasm for the show. I love seeing the queens’ craft/skill, but the drama of reality tv isn’t my jam. Anyway, I had this idea of a gift for my friends. Turning the board game Guess Who? into Guess Ru? (I’ve recently learned that this isn’t actually a brilliantly original idea only I thought of and there are actually Guess Ru? Sets on Etsy.)

I’m pretty proud of the way my version turned out, and I had fun making it. I started my friends’ boxes off with the queens from the first three seasons. I’m planning to add to their collections throughout the year. If you like this idea and want a copy for yourself, I’ve put up my files for download and a step-by-step guide on a new page here on my website: Digital Downloads.

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