Caturday Week Four

I’m in the process of moving and part of that move includes a pet shuffle. Soon Columbia will be reconnected with my sister who originally found her. I will reunite with my rescue cat Binx! It’s a long story how we ended up with each other’s rescues. I’m not up for that story right now though. For today let me just introduce you to some new faces.

This is Binx. He’s well on his way to becoming a crotchety old man.
The cat on the other side of the glass door is Mr. Pickles. He is also crotchety AF.
Mr. Pickles hates Binx.

Soon these two won’t have to worry about pissing each other off anymore. Not to worry, Columbia and Pickles get along much better than these two old men. And I’ll be living just across the pool so there will still be plenty of updates on all three kitties.

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