Live Your Fairytale

Hey Fans, Friends, and Fellows,

One of my favorite humans introduced me to an artist named Chika. She has a lot good songs that show her talent as a rapper, but “Hickory Dickory” has been the one that gets stuck in my head the most. I love the way the whole ‘Once Upon a Time’ EP juxtaposes being a rising star with fairytales. It’s a metaphor that lends itself to rap really well when you consider how much royalty comes up in the genre’s lyrics.

Writing Prompt: Write a piece that draws on fairytales in some way. Are you going to commit to a whole retell of one that you love or just bring some imagery that suits the subject matter.

I also found a new video from Jon Batiste for his song “Freedom” while I was on YouTube looking for a video of “Hickory Dickory” and couldn’t resist sharing it. No writing prompt for this one but maybe it will inspire some of you on its own.

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