Thought-Provoking Thursday 8/19/2021

Hey Fans, Friends, and Fellows,

I previously mentioned on this blog that I was starting a Patreon account. I did so and followed all the recommendations for attracting patrons, but I wasn’t getting any. I wasn’t expecting to have a hoard of fans throwing money at me right away. But I was expecting some traffic to my page. I decided the other day to start checking out other Patreon users who use the same tags as me. I figured it would help me see if there was something I was doing wrong. Each tag that I searched came up with either empty or scarce results. I searched my name next and found no results. This pissed me off enough to message them. Apparently, my page had been marked as NSFW. They said this is why it wasn’t showing up in search results. I find this excuse to be unacceptable and honestly homophobic, as I don’t really write NSFW content. It’s not like I’m writing erotica. The thing that really pissed me off though is that even if I was writing NSFW content, my name should still pop up if someone searches it specifically. If they’re searching for me rather than any of the tags there’s a high likelihood that they already know what my content is like and want to find it. I’m shutting down my Patreon account and seeking a similar service that doesn’t pull this kind of homophobic nonsense.

Writing Prompts: Write a piece that explores censoring or silencing someone’s creativity.

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