Fine Art Friday 9/3/2021

Hey Fans, Friends, and Fellows,

ErMerGerd! This month’s media tiles just dropped! The images I link to my posts got too far down in my site’s media storage so I decided to make some new ones for funsies.

I love this style of record player but honestly, I can’t justify starting a record collection until I’m super-rich.
My favorite day of the week at least for social media updated.
Fun Easter Egg: That is a screenshot of the word doc for Moon Witch Taken.
If only my ideas could jump from my mind fully formed and ready to post.
I really liked the flower I drew to decorate the record player in the Music Monday image so I pulled it through to the whole set.
I’ve never seen Binx jump at Mr. Pickles this spazzy but he totally tries ambush tactics far too often.
I definitely don’t have this many stories out yet. Some of the titles are pulled from the shows mentioned in Dramamancer and some are ideas for future stories.

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