Pocket Watch Witches Ep. 21


The sigils raced over my skin as we orgasmed together, and the words slipped out of me. Jim rested his head on my shoulder, panting from his exertion. He didn’t say anything, though. Had he heard me? Part of me hoped he hadn’t. I’d never told anyone I loved them before, and I worried I’d said it too soon. Even when I had sex with Everett, I hadn’t told him that. But I hadn’t felt this way about him. It had only been lust. Did I just feel a more intense lust for Jim? How do people know when they’re in love? 

“I love you, too,” Jim said, just as I’d convinced myself he hadn’t heard me. 

Our magic stilled. Instead of the continuous motion tracing across my skin piece by piece, full sigils heated every inch of me. Jim pulled out, and I turned to kiss him. I didn’t want to let this feeling go yet. I grabbed the back of his neck and shoulder to draw him down to my lips. He didn’t need more encouragement. My back bumped the counter as he pressed against me. I slid my hand up his shoulder and neck into his hair. His tongue danced with mine, and I lost any sense of time. 

Jim pulled away from our kiss, but he took my hand. I stepped out of the shorts around my ankles and followed him to the bathroom. We’d have to return to clean up the kitchen at some point. I forgot about that as soon as he turned the shower on. He stripped off his shirt and pants. It felt strangely sexy that he’d never fully undressed. He’d been so eager he didn’t bother pulling his pants down, instead slipping his shaft out and immediately reaching for lubricant. That oil stained the front of his pants. I doubted it would soak out. Maybe we could save them with a cleaning spell. 

Jim pulled me into the shower, and warm water hit my back. I closed my eyes and relaxed. Soapy hands slid over my chest and down my torso. I calmed further as Jim took care of me. The water pressure on my back cut off as he stepped behind me and massaged the soap over my skin. He took his time, lathering every inch down. He moved out of the water’s path. It washed away the suds but not the comfort of his touch. 

I opened my eyes and saw Jim lifting the soap bar to his chest. I reached out and took it from him. After not letting me lift a finger this whole time, he finally allowed me to take care of him. Bubbles clung to his chest hair as I slicked the soap over his skin. He took slow, deep breaths under my touch. My fingers stalled on his muscular abdomen before drifting lower. He hadn’t gone completely soft and twitched under my slick grip. He gave me an incredulous look, both a question and a warning. I could move on and soap up his back and arms. No doubt, I’d enjoy the slow, gentle contact. But if I lingered any longer, he’d want more. I didn’t have a script to follow this time. That made it easier in the kitchen, but the lack didn’t make me want him any less. 

After the briefest hesitation, I tightened my grip and stroked him. He hummed with pleasure as his cock grew hard again. Mine did the same as excitement coursed through both of us. He stepped toward me and leaned down to kiss me. I rose onto my toes to ease the distance between us. His hands ran down my back, leaving tingles in their wake. He cupped my ass in his hands, gently at first. I bit his bottom lip, and he gripped my cheeks firmer. I gasped as he lifted me. My arms and legs wrapped around him instinctively. He walked until my back pressed against the wall. The shower head sprayed over our shoulders, but I didn’t miss the rushing water on my skin. 

Jim held tighter with his right hand and took the soap bar from me with his left. A slick lather slid between my cheeks. His soapy fingers toyed with me. I moaned against his lips. His first finger massaged into me. I immediately wanted more, missing the girth I’d experienced in the kitchen. Before I could break off the kiss to say as much, he pressed a second finger in. I hummed my appreciation. He took his hand away. I suppressed a whimper, knowing he wouldn’t make me wait too long. 

A few seconds later, he leaned me away from the wall and lowered me gently. I inhaled sharply as his crown pressed against my rim. He let me sink on my exhale and filled me. I used the leverage my arms and legs gave me against his body to lift and drop myself. He pulled his lips off mine and swore to the first realm as I circled my hips over him. I gasped when his cock hit the perfect spot. Keeping my movements shallow, I teased myself on him. Pressure built in me. I struggled to maintain the rhythm as it crescendoed. Hot spurts burst from me, spilling onto our torsos and spreading as my orgasm shook me. I tightened around Jim. My arms and legs locked in place. 

I couldn’t catch my breath as Jim pressed my back against the wall again and took over, moving in me. He thrust over and over. I bit down on his shoulder. If I hurt him, he didn’t show it. His breathing grew as ragged as mine. He groaned in satisfaction, shuddered, and stilled. He held me, and we breathed together. This time, he softened until he slid out of me. He didn’t put me down, though. I felt safe with his weight holding me against the wall. When we finally stopped panting, Jim helped me back to my feet. I leaned against the shower tiles, not totally ready to support myself. 

Jim gave me one more kiss, then stepped back into the stream of water. He rewashed his chest and abs. For the first time since his response in the kitchen, the sensation of our entwined magic lost the solid glow. The sigils faded in pieces. By the time I felt up to standing and washing myself off, the power had dispersed completely. My body still hummed with the memory of Jim’s touch. The hot water soothed the dull ache in my muscles. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d worked them so thoroughly, even before the mugging. 

We got out of the shower, finally clean, and dried off. Jim brought me another borrowed outfit. I smiled as his smell settled against my skin. We retrieved the book from the kitchen, and he quickly wiped up the mess we’d left behind. Then we returned to the library. The fire died while we were away. Jim reawakened it with a spell. I felt the tingle of his magic even with a foot’s distance between us. It left me wondering how much stronger our connection could grow. Jim settled on the couch with me again, and I contented myself with figuring it out later. 

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