Caturday Week Nine

Hey Fans, Friends, and Fellows,

We actually had some really nice weather in Orlando this week. I got to turn off the air conditioner and open windows! Binx freaking loved it!

Normally he has no interest in the windows. (He has the whole screened in pool to enjoy so closed window are not nearly as interesting.) Open them up though and he can chill in sun beams while being close enough to humans for pets.

Caturday Week Six

Hey Fans, Friends, and Fellows,

It was move day! All of my things are finally in one space again. Y’all know what that means? If you guessed freaked out cats, your got it right! Columbia cried the whole car ride but now she is exploring the new place and I think she’ll survive. (Something her cries were trying desperately to convince me wouldn’t happen.)

Columbia this morning trying to figure out where most of my furniture was.
Columbia planning her revenge in the shadows on the car ride to my new place.