Music Monday 9/13/2021

Hey Fans, Friends, and Fellow,

This is the first of the songs that I couldn’t add to the Spotify playlist this month. “Gold Mine” by Breanne Düren is one of the songs I like more for the beat than the lyrics. This is rare when the song is on the slower side like this one. It’s not that the lyrics are bad, really, but I feel like there could have been a better use of the gold mine metaphor.

Writing Prompt: Write a piece that uses the term gold mine as a metaphor.

Thought-Provoking Thursday 9/9/2021

Hey Fans, Friends, and Fellows,

I love to customize things. If I see a means of making something more fabulous, I’m absolutely going to do it. This is especially true if I can get things on the cheap. The tray I made to keep my wallet and keys in is a good example of this. I know there are plenty of other people who share this passion. Sometimes I think of writing as one of the best means of customizing. We take an existing plot, form of poetry, character archetype, or trope and make them our own.

Writing Prompt: Write a piece that involves the concept of customization.

Music Monday 9/6/2021

Hey Fans, Friends, and Fellows,

I found my old iPod Shuffle while I was going through things. It had a playlist on there called “Love These Mellow Chicks” on there. I’ve recreated it to the best of my ability on Spotify. There were a few songs that I couldn’t find on Spotify or Apple Music, so I looked on youtube and found them. I thought they’d make fun #MusicMonday material for the rest of the month. For today though, I give you a playlist from my past.

Thought-Provoking Thursday 9/2/2021

Hey Fans, Friends, and Fellows,

It bums me out just a little that parasols fell out of style. Before you tell me I could just carry an umbrella, I already do. I also put a crap ton of sunscreen on because my family has a history of skin cancer. So what am I complaining about? Parasols are pretty. And yes, I can get a pretty umbrella. (In fact, I already have one.) It just doesn’t ever feel quite like I’m a wealthy aristocrat who wants to go for a leisurely stroll with my suitor but can’t survive the sun. Okay, I’m joking, but if at any point I get a time machine, I’m absolutely going to hop in there and go steal a legit parasol from the height of their popularity.

Writing Prompt: Write a piece about something that’s fallen out of style that you miss or wish was still popular.

Music Monday 8/30/2021

Hey Fans, Friends, and Fellows,

I’m feeling nostalgic. I actually like the Lulu & The Lampshades version a tiny bit better if I’m listening on my phone. But Anna Kendrick’s video makes me so happy. This song is one that I think of whenever my wanderlust vibes start coming around again. I’ll probably end up watching Pitch Perfect at some point this week lol.

Writing Prompt: Write a piece about the urge to travel.

Thought-Provoking Thursday 8/26/2021

Hey Fans, Friends, and Fellows,

I often feel like my interests could fill several lifetimes. There never seems to be enough time in the day to finish everything on my to-do lists as it is. I think that I’m doing a decent job at prioritizing the things most important to me. In less confident moments, I worry that I’m either not doing enough or not doing the right things to prevent myself from looking back and having regrets. I remind myself whenever possible that all I can do is my best, and that will have to be good enough.

Writing Prompt: Write a piece about self-doubt and how to cope with it.

Music Monday 8/23/2021

I was checking apple music suggestions and found Yola’s Stand for Myself album. I really like that her sound seems to be pulling influence from music from my mom’s generation. I grew up listening to a little bit of everything so when I first started listening to the album I was surprised to see the release date of 2021. The album title track is really powerful and encouraging. I encourage checking it out first and the rest of the album if you like that song.

Writing Prompt: Write a finding the strength or confidence to stand up and self-advocate.