Shelfie Sunday Week Fourteen

Hey Fans, Friends, and Fellows,

I found another Free Little Library in my city. I found a hilarious book while I was looking through this one. I picked up The Little Mermaid book in there, thinking it might be good to give to my niece. However, when I opened it and found that all the interior was printed upside down, I couldn’t stop laughing. I attached a video to show y’all this publishing mishap. If you have any books that have similar mistakes, tell me about them in the comments.

Shelfie Sunday Week Twelve

Hey Fans, Friends, and Fellows,

There’s an independent book store in my town that’s pretty new. I got really excited because there’s a surprising lack of independent book stores in the Orlando area. Like there are a few of them, but it’s not nearly as many as I’ve found in other cities. While I was walking through the new store, I found an adorable piece of art. I wanted to share it with y’all.

Shelfie Sunday Week Nine

Hey Fans, Friends, and Fellows,

I’ve got my first living room shelf filled. Granted it is the easiest of them because it was my DVDs. They’re much easier to organize because I don’t bother with sorting by genre as I do with my books. It’s just alphabetical by title.

Binx guest features in this picture!
The Wizard of Oz is one of the things my father and I bonded over so these collectibles get a special space up top.
Not all of my TV series fit here I might end up getting a shelf just for them at some point.
My Eevee Pop! Vinyl has found a home!